"SFURTI" Lucknow Multi Products Cluster

"Jute Artisans has the vision to empower rural women from the belief that they are agents of change and can empower the next generation. Jute Artisans provides a source of income to rural women in and around Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) through the production of jute products. Women on Wings started supporting the Jute Artisans’ management in their growth ambition."


"I had a really awesome experience during the entire job of customized Jute Bag that has been very well executed by her within just a timeframe of 24 hours. Their ability and art of customizing the jute and giving them perfect desired looks are out of question.
I will certainly in future always be the special client of this “Lady with the Wings” serving the society with eco-friendly mode and also would like to recommend her to anyone as she can offer a full range of Jute products that will suit you the best."


"Jute for Life is leading an example in a number of areas whether be it employment generation, poverty amelioration, women empowerment, uplifting the cause of education, creating self-sustainable eco-systems, promoting eco-friendly products and creating a safer world for future generations."


"The best feature about Jute Artisans Guild is that it is working towards reducing the use of plastic bags, thereby creating a safe and eco-friendly environment. Another aspect worth recognizing is that these Jute products are produced by rural women from economically underprivileged sections."


"I had an awesome experience during the entire job done by Jute for Life in customizing Jute Bags, which was executed with great professionalism and in a timely manner with no hassle what so ever. I'll remain a dedicated client of JFL in the near future and try my best to recommend her to as many people as possible."


"Our experience with Jute for Life was hassle free and professional. They delivered 2000 file covers to Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram in a short span of two days and at extremely competitive pricing. The professionalism and competitive prices of Jute products has resulted in the empanelment of Jute for Life products at the Hazratganj Store of Kshteriya "


"Jute For Life is not only providing employment to the weaker section women but also strengthening the economy by creating bio-degradable products and giving competition to the easier available plastic products thereby reducing carbon emission."