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Jute Artisans Guild Association

500+ Women in past 5 Years

Our key programming approaches include social analysis and action, gender transformative change, building secure and resilient communities, promoting inclusive governance, advocacy on national and international platforms and facilitating links and dialogues between public, private and civil society.

Families Impacted
Lives Impact Directly
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Women Empowerment

Jute for Life is bringing empowerment to women in two aspects morally and monetarily. The women are earning supplementary income for their family, thus, giving a better lifestyle to their kids and saving for the future.

Jute bags are helping women to become self-sufficient and enabled. Women are cultivating jute crop which is very easy to grow with very less or no care. Then they manufacture jute bags which are beautiful and help us to solve the problem of pollution created by the use of plastic. The use of jute bags is also increasing their demand , thereby providing employment to women and making them financially independent.

Women invest income directly for their children and their communities. Economic opportunity and skills education empowers women to transform their communities and lift their families out of poverty. Jute for Life provides poor women skills and opportunities for long-term economic success.